If you want to be in a relationship with a girlfriend then first you have to understand that girls are not like the boy who could understand things easily. They feel a lot and never ignore anything you do against them. Therefore, if you want to make the long-term relationship with a girlfriend then you have to create bearing power in yourself.

The girlfriend never bears that you talk with any stranger girl or go anywhere with any female anywhere without informing her. Whatever you do throughout the day, keep updating her and never hide anything from her because if she comes to know about it from anyone else then your relationship can be in danger. Further, you have to fulfill all the wishes to your girlfriend and most important things are that you have to pamper a lot and show off to everyone that people come to know that how much you love her. These things are in the nature of every girl and they want complete attention from the boyfriend.

get her back again

If you break up with your girlfriend and want to get her back again because you cannot live without her then you have to meet her and describe your situation. Show your love to her that and give some gifts and apologize for all your behavior and bad things you have done and commit that you will never do again and ask her to give one a chance. Most the girls do not get back to their old boyfriend because she does not want to torture again by the same person, but if she loves you, and then she would understand your situation and give you a chance.

get my ex girlfriend back

get my ex girlfriend back

It is important that you make her realize that how important is she for your life and do sorry for all the things you have done previously which has hurt her. Make her understand your situation, commit that you will always keep her happy, and try to fulfill all the wishes and give complete attention to her. Further, if you were in a relationship with any other girl due to which breakup happen then commit, you will leave her and will never meet her again. Beg for another chance, if you do not want to leave her forever, then you have to remove the ego and do all possible things for getting her back in your life. It would be great if you purpose her for the marriage.

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