The Water Diet, sometimes known as the Cold Water Diet, is one of the latest fads that appeal to dieters who want to melt away their fat. Compared to fasting “cleanse” diets and those that restrict caloric intake, such as the Rice Diet, the Water Diet doesn’t limit food consumption, nor does it require exercise. The appeal of the Water Diet is that dieters can purportedly eat what they want–and still lose weight.

How the Diet Works:The theory behind the Water Diet is that when cold water is ingested, the body burns extra calories to heat the water up to a body temperature of 98.6 degrees F. The colder the water, the harder the body works to warm up the water. Therefore, even more calories would be burned if a dieter drinks very cold water. Additionally, drinking water in between or with meals gives dieters a sense of fullness, making them less likely to want to eat. Because the kidneys must work to process water, it is also said that the Water Diet results in toxins being flushed from the body.

Cold Water Diet - Good Way to Keep Slim

Cold Water Diet – Good Way to Keep Slim

On the Water Diet, the dieter drinks 64 oz. of cool or cold water in eight 8-oz. servings over the course of the day, with or without meals, in addition to the dieter’s normal fluid intake. The water can be tap water, bottled water or any other kind of water that is safe to drink. The available resources on the Water Diet discourage chewing on ice cubes to make up for water intake. The Water Diet does not alter the types of foods the dieter eats, nor does it limit portion size. Exercise is not a component of the Water Diet.

Effectiveness of the Water Diet: While there has been no scientific research conducted on the efficacy of the Water Diet, two Arizona men in 2008 claimed to lose weight while using the “Before, during and after” strategy, which is markedly similar to the Water Diet. Jeff Schmidt lost 50 lbs in one year, taking him from a size 40 to a size 34. Blake Silvia claimed to lose 70 lbs without dieting. The two men drank one glass of water before meals, one during and one after eating.

Cold Water Diet Good Way to Keep Slim

Cold Water Diet Good Way to Keep Slim

Cautious:Drink plenty of water a day is helpful for detoxification and lose weight, but excessive drinking will be a health hazard. Normal people daily average water consumption is 2000-2500 ml, material oxidation in our body can bring out 300 ml water, so we need drink 2200 ml water a day, including water in the diet. Summer daily supplement moisture is 3000 ml, satisfying human needs. 3000 ml of water is about the current average disposable cups with a capacity of about 250 ml, which means you need to drink about 12 glasses of water a day (is measured with disposable cups, specific number depends on the size of your cup).