Hey guys, I’m back with another Chanel bag. This is my Chanel Classic Double Flap Replica bag review. Yes, its Chanel CF25, the most hot selling one!

I’m just gonna say first of that if you want to know where I got these items from which you will you’re gonna have to follow me on instagram. Because the way that I find out about these items was through another Chanel CF bag reviews but the girl was kind of the same situation she said that if you want to know where I got the items from you need to come personal message me on Instagram. I will tell you the name. Just for privacy reasons I suppose I’m not exactly sure and I’m just gonna honor that that same privacy just because it’s the same company that I got from her. So if you guys would like to know the store that I got this from, the people that I got these items from, you just got to message me on instagram.



I got a Chanel purse called Chanel Classic Double Flap 25cm. This is the box that it came in Chanel and you open it up this is really complicated. I’m sorry I’m not doing a very good job showing and it has the Chanel’s wrapping paper preserve and then comes in dust bag and then on the inside it has more the wrapping paper in these old bows and it comes with cute little rose.

This Chanel purse comes with box, dust bag, doucuments, receipt, white flower, ribbon and id card. She looks like so nice! That’s a little Chanel clasp in these little designs it can be the shoulder bag. It has that double fold and a little zippered here little storage area. Open this up and it has that Chanel logo then on the inside. It’s just that kind of like really pretty. The real leather is very comfortable. I could tell it is dead on real leather.

And it has another fold here, so nice. It’s just so cute and it’s the perfect size it’s not too big. Because I usually wear it like little book bags.

I think which I’m not really like is the price. $198… But I got it at $168 because they are on sale. I forgot the name of my last little book bag that I got on Amazon for $30 and this bag was yes this bag was about $170. Maybe I should change my point of view, I bought a brand new Chanel with everything only for $170! hahaha…

I’m gonna like it. I’m gonna wear it a lot. I know it’s very controversial and some people may not agree with this decision to buy these designer replica bags. But you know that’s your choice and just don’t do it. I don’t have the money for the real new one cost six thousand dollars. I’m not trying to bash people that buy it, but I’m just trying to say like this is why I don’t buy the real one. You know what I mean and but yeah anyway. I love this Chanel CF bag. Its perfect except the price. Absolutely top quality! Yes. I think none of your friends could recognize its replica bag if you dont tell them.

So these are the bag that I’ve purchased. I’m definitely going to be getting much more because I it’s so nice and if you guys would like to know where to get a bag like this just go follow me on Instagram. And let me know what you guys think in the comments and I will see you next time bye.